2Cents #1

May 31, 2017

As I’ve been reacclimating myself with a long forgotten “creative side”  I’ve encountered some truly amazing talent out there.  I would feel selfish if I went my own way, pursuing my own agenda, without taking a few minutes to appreciate the excellence that I have been lucky enough to find along the way.  So here I am, ready to put in my 2Cents and let you know what I consider to be the best of the best this week!

The best personal essay that I’ve stumbled upon in the last week or so would have to be Grandpa’s Garden by Danielle Dayney.  She took a simple, vivid memory of her loved one and turned it into a heartwarming, truly touching experience for the reader.  The depth of what she left between the lines struck a nerve and left a lasting impact. Thanks for the great read Danielle!

Fiction… or is it?  Hard to say.  My favorite fiction read this week goes to Afterwards at Hypothetically Writing.  What an interesting spin to put on the age old question…  “Where will I go when I die?”  You had me hooked from start to finish.  Awesome post!  Thanks for sharing.

Need some inspiration?  I found some for you.  A few Junes ago we all went out into the world with wide eyes and great expectations after graduating high school.  This June, let’s take a minute to hit rewind and think about what we would say to our young selves on that fateful day, however long ago it may have been (I’m creeping up on twenty years!).  That is exactly what Leigh Clark does in her post The Commencement Speech I Wish I’d Given.

Thanks to my faithful readers out there that subscribed to this newsletter sight unseen!  You guys rock!  Those of you who want more can feel free to sign up below.  Congratulations to those who caught my eye this week! 

 See you next week!



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