New Wardrobe

No more of these

Excruciating daybreaks and

Woeful glances at the mirror.

Why do I avert my eyes from my own reflection?

After all, don’t I have the

Right to wear my wrinkles and pounds as evidence of the life I’ve lived?

Don’t they display evidence of joy and fulfillment?

Renouncing my own appearance

Only makes it uncomfortable for those who may

Be fond of it. Accept the compliment and

Embrace the woman’s form you’ve grown into.

This acrostic was written for YeahWrite #361. The fiction challenge for the week was to incorporate the word ‘Wardrobe’ into a story somehow, but I decided to use it in the poetry challenge instead.

6 thoughts on “New Wardrobe

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  1. I really like the way you built this story, Erin. The struggle with the narrator’s self-doubt and attempts to be proud and take ownership of their current body were well articulated. The only line that stood out a tiny bit awkwardly for me was “Excruciating daybreaks and” — it wasn’t obvious why only the daybreaks were excruciating (rather than the rest of the day/evenings/nights).

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    1. It was a reference to getting dressed in the morning. My clothes rarely fit the same way twice because my weight fluctuates so much. One of the hardest parts of my day is getting dressed since I’ve been so heavy, and I beat myself up about it a lot. Instead of buying all new clothes, I want to dress myself in some kinder words and maybe even some self-love😍

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  2. This is my favorite: don’t I have the

    Right to wear my wrinkles and pounds as evidence of the life I’ve lived?

    I think it worked really well as the middle line. It had that “you go girl” kind of feel to make the reader root for the change from the doubt to the acceptance of self.


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