I didn’t marry my husband so he would protect and provide for me, and he didn’t marry me so I would wash his dishes. I married him because we love each other and we’re PARTNERS in this life. Partners work together to achieve a mutual goal. For us, that goal is happiness. If something needs to get done, you work as a team to do it. Your home is a never ending project. It’s ever growing and ever changing, and it requires everyone’s help and hard work. The chores are everyone’s job. If he has a tough day, no I don’t expect him to do laundry and dishes because he might need to veg on the couch and watch a rock doc, or go play his drums to get the frustration out. I got it. But in the same respect, I have hard days too. I might need to hide under the covers or go for an unreasonably long walk to make myself right. That means it’s his turn to make sure all of the monotonous shit that needs to get done gets done. The scales will always even out in the end as long as both parties are always trying their best to make sure that they’re significant other is HAPPY. Sometimes, happiness is letting the dishes sit for a day, letting the laundry pile up, and laying around all day in sweatpants. Together. It will all still be there tomorrow, but you never know when the person vegging out on the couch next to you won’t be.

End rant.

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