Little Pink Ribbon

One armed hugs. Things changed But not as much  as they could have. Reborn,  A widow met her maker And found herself Instead of saying  Good Bye. I am humbled by her colossal courage.

A Life Gone By

The ice in her rocks glass clinked as she raised it steady in the air.  The friendly warning of the front wheels gave her just enough time to prepare for the bump and avoid spilling on her new black trench coat. She sipped solemnly from the glass, savoring the sting of the whisky on her... Continue Reading →


The crowd sat in rows, shrouded in black; moist tissues stuffed in their pockets. My daughter’s mascara-streaked face spoke volumes. I reached for her hand, but as my grasp slipped through the air I realized that I could no longer console her.  My orphaned child was on her own now.       

2Cents #1

May 31, 2017 As I've been reacclimating myself with a long forgotten "creative side"  I've encountered some truly amazing talent out there.  I would feel selfish if I went my own way, pursuing my own agenda, without taking a few minutes to appreciate the excellence that I have been lucky enough to find along the way.  So... Continue Reading →


A Corona is not your summer. Not your bathing suit. Not your pool. The lager does not define the day. The laidback vibe on an ocean shore Whispering a rhythmic “hush”   As the waves pound against the sand. That’s my summer. The whiskey is not your winter. Not your coat. Not your shovel. The... Continue Reading →


“MORGAN!” She shrieked maniacally into the air, sweaty, haggard, with each of her heartbeats like a hammer pounding each inch of her body. Five minutes, five hours, five days, five years had passed since she'd seen her daughter's tiny face. Her desperation released a massive orb of panic, and those surrounding her felt the horror... Continue Reading →


A decade ago I peeked through my window Holding my newborn. You rode your bike. I watched for cars. Eight years ago I gazed down the block Rocking another newborn. You played basketball. I watched for cars. Five years ago I ran to my window With my husband to watch. You walked by with girls... Continue Reading →

False Advertising

     My scalp is burning.  Doused in cosmetic chemicals, I’m grinding my teeth through the sting hastily awaiting the “ding” of a timer. Once I can rinse this horrid stink away I can view the new shade that will frame my face this time around. All the while, I catch myself wondering what the... Continue Reading →

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