A Letter to the Friends I’ve Lost to Heroin

Dear Friends, When I found out that you died, it broke me. Some of you were obviously using; others I can’t believe ever touched the shit. Bottom line - you’re gone. You can’t read this letter, it’s too late. That doesn’t change the fact that I have things I need to tell you. The first... Continue Reading →


Empty Arms

Bandaged breasts swell as she passes the nursery; her wheelchair rolling at a steady pace. Clutching an unpacked diaper bag, she winces. These nine months will soon be nothing more than a haunting memory of what might have been.

Next Please

“Next please!” Wiping wet hands against my apron, I smile. “Skinny Chai latte.” Face in phone.  Sunglasses on. I’m not a servant. “What size?” “Large.” “Venti?” “Whatever.” Take her money.  Make her drink. She sips. She falls. Success. Vetting the unworthy For the Great Beyond.


     Freezing breezes nipped at his appendages. Teetering at the apex of a remote bridge, Marshall sat on the wrong side of the guardrail contemplating the existential purpose of his being. Chapped lips quivering, he couldn’t find a reason to continue breathing icy air into worn out lungs. He was six inches away from... Continue Reading →

Never Trust A Naked Busdriver

The polyester hugged my midsection as I found my place in a sea of blue. Funny how an institution that promoted diversity and individuality required its graduates to dress in uniform. “Never trust a man who tells you his brother is an only child,” I thought to myself. I chuckled as I choked back the... Continue Reading →

Cold Sheets and Coleman Chairs

Wishing away the heat in exchange for the chill of a September evening is an annual habit of mine. I spend my afternoons lost in sweaty daydreams of hooded sweatshirts, and of Coleman chairs surrounding a campfire. Don’t forget the Blue Moon in my hand, most essential for the full fall aura. The bed sheets... Continue Reading →


His leviathan antics intimidate; resonate. Her worth deteriorates. Contention drives dissonance, forging despair, and breeds the break. Escape: the road to dignity. She rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of malevolent love.

Little Pink Ribbon

One armed hugs. Things changed But not as much  as they could have. Reborn,  A widow met her maker And found herself Instead of saying  Good Bye. I am humbled by her colossal courage.

A Very Important Date

He walked back to the booth from the register in the cafe and sat down beside me, every move smooth as honey and without ever averting his gaze from my face. I felt it like you feel the sun prickle your skin on the first day of summer. I self-consciously sucked myself in to make... Continue Reading →

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